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Technology, environmental responsibility, products… Do you have a question or are you simply in need of advice?  Find answers quickly to the most frequently asked questions.

  • What is a RISO duplicator?

    RISO’s duplicators are based on a simple, reliable printing process that makes it possible to print at much higher speeds than are available with most conventional printing technologies.

    Thanks to its print drum, a RISO duplicator can print up to 190 pages per minute, even in A3 format.

    The RISO duplicator starts by scanning the document that is to be printed and then reproduces it by means of perforations on a special substrate (the “master”). This “matrix” is wrapped around a drum which rotates at high speed while the sheets of paper pass under it and are printed by means of a pressure pad.

    Due to the time necessary to produce the master (approximately 20 seconds) and its cost, RISO duplicators are particularly suitable for print jobs consisting of more than 15 copies. However, very many of our customers use them for small print volumes. This decision is well justified by the speed of printing as well as by the extremely reliable and easy-to-use nature of the equipment. RISO duplicators respond perfectly to the demands of modern professional environments.

    Take a look and discover the range of duplicator models.

  • What is a RISO inkjet printer?

    Characterized by the use of a cold printing system, RISO’s colour inkjet printers are ultra-compact, high-performance units. They fit perfectly into your working environment and will very rapidly become popular with your teams thanks to their ease of use.

    This ergonomic printing equipment is extremely economical and provides a very cost-effective price per black-and-white or colour copy. The speed of printing and low power consumption help reduce your costs.

    You can take a look at our series of professional printers right now.

  • What technologies is RISO’s equipment based on?

    Our printers are designed on the basis of an inkjet technology known as FORCEJET™. They possess fixed print heads that deposit the required ink in a single pass. Piezo technology makes it possible to control the quantity of ink on the paper with an optimum level of efficiency and reliability to guarantee precise colour reproduction and reduced costs and waste.

    For their part, our duplicators make use of a master production system. This master, which is nothing other than a model that reproduces the original document, is a very thin acetate-based sheet. During printing, the matrix is wrapped around a drum and perforated to allow the ink to pass through.

    Although different technologies are used in RISO’s printers and duplicators, both are based on a cold printing process which is more respectful of the environment than toner-based printing equipment and the associated heat emissions.

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  • What is the RISO Perfect Binder?

    The PERFECT BINDER is an in-line printing and binding solution. Printing is performed using the ComColor technology. The documents are then bound using a high-pressure gluing process.

    Perfect Binder makes it possible to produce professional-looking books with perfect binding up to a thickness of 30 mm. It can handle Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents as well as PDF files. 62 books of 100 pages each can be bound in 1 hour using a standard-configuration ComColor GD9630.

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Customer support
  • Is it possible to order consumables online?

    Are you a RISO customer? Then simply contact us throught our online form or your RISO distributor.

    The customer service department reserves the right to adapt the dispatched references. Any such changes ensure compatibility and are made for stock-related reasons.

  • What is a printer driver?

    Drivers translate computer languages so that your printer hardware can correctly understand and process the computer files you want to print. They act as a link between your PC and your RISO equipment.

    Thanks to these drivers, you can manage your print jobs from your PC and access the functionalities of your hardware from your workstation. You control your machine remotely.

    Access the download area for your RISO hardware drivers.

  • I have a problem with a RISO product. Who should I contact?

    If your problem is technical (difficulty installing the hardware, troubleshooting after an error message, etc.), please get in touch with our technical team using our contact form.

    For any questions that do not require a technical intervention (delivery of RISO hardware, invoices, contract, etc.), please contact our customer service department via our contact form.

    A RISO advisor will examine your dossier. Your inquiry will be dealt with as soon as possible.

  • Do you continue sales and the maintenance service for your old product ranges?

    Of course. RISO offers a maintenance service for your hardware for a period of 6 years following the date on which production of the corresponding equipment is terminated. Our after-sales service can inform you of the date until which spare parts will remain available for your hardware.

    If the RISO ranges of printers and duplicators are constantly being further developed, this is in order to be able to offer you higher performance, greater reliability and more innovation at all times.

  • How can I update my RISO hardware?

    Your RISO Salesperson or distributor will be happy to advise you. Whether you want to use our extensive range of finishing products or add colour drums and inks (for your duplicator), RISO’s print hardware will adapt to your needs. It uses what are probably the most versatile technologies on the market.

    To find out more about updating your RISO hardware, please get in touch with us by means of our contact form.

Sustainable development
  • What is RISO’s position regarding the environmental problems we face?

    For RISO, it is Essential to make a commitment. Because we care about the impact our activities have on the environment, we are intent on minimising our eco-footprint. Our customers also support us in this approach thanks to the environmentally responsible use of our printers and duplicators.

    The fact that our products make use of a cold printing system reflects RISO’s determination to follow an environmentally responsible path. Because our printer hardware does not heat up, we greatly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that this causes.

    Recyclable materials, an environmental charter, certifications and many other elements testify to RISO’s desire to never neglect the importance of an environmentally responsible approach.

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  • I’m a distributor and I want to market RISO’s solutions. Who should I get in touch with?

    You can contact us using our contact form. Make sure that you choose the option “Become a RISO distributor”. Your message will be transmitted to the contact person responsible for your sector. You will then be recontacted by your contact person as soon as possible.

  • What types of documents can I copy or print using RISO hardware?

    RISO’s hardware gives you an enormous amount of flexibility. Many of our customers no longer subcontract their printing work. They have freed themselves from this need and perform all their print jobs internally.

    Here are some examples of documents that can be produced using RISO hardware: mailshots, posters, flyers, catalogues, notices, dossiers, brochures, newsletters, plans, in-house magazines, prospectuses, invitations, letterheads, customer correspondence, etc.

  • Can I see a demonstration of the RISO printing hardware?

    The RISO France direct sales team and our network of specialist distributors is available at any time to present our products to you. They will show you how RISO’s duplicators and printers work and will advise you in the light of your specific printing and copying needs.

    If you want to let us know that you would like to see a demonstration of our printing hardware, go to the Contact page on this site and choose “Product information”. The RISO advisor closest to your location will get in touch with you directly.

  • How does RISO operate in its dealings with its customers?

    First of all, we make sure that your RISO advisor has a full understanding of your field of activity. After our initial contact, we will offer to analyse your current printing system in order to assess whether there are ways to optimise it. Your requirements form the starting point for our mutual discussions. If our discussions reveal areas of improvement, your RISO advisor will support you in the process of optimising your printing system.

    Every project starts as a blank page. We work in step with our customers and take account of their printing needs and their budget. Call on the services of the RISO team right now for a full audit of your activity and opt for the printing solutions that meet your needs.

Contact a RISO advisor

Because your satisfaction is our top priority, a team of advisors is available to assist you. If you encounter any technical problems, please contact us via our contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Are you a RISO technician or a technician working for one of our partners? There is an extranet space that is exclusively reserved for you. If you wish to access it, please send us a request using the contact form.