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ComColor Office Printers


A high-speed printing and binding solution

The Perfect Binder is a system that controls the in-line printing, finishing and binding of your work. This 3-in-1 solution consists of a RISO ComColor GD printing system and a binder. It represents the stress-free way to produce books and print runs.

High-speed printing

You benefit from all the advantages of the RISO professional printers, such as speeds of up to 9,600 printed pages per hour!

Collation of sheets

When your pages have been printed, they are automatically sent to the binder. You do not have to do anything yourself. The sheets are placed in the queue and aligned in the jogging module.

Automatic perfect binding

Using the perfect binding technique, the Perfect Binder is able to bind your manuals up to a thickness of 30 mm, i.e. approximately 300 sheets of weight 80g/m2. Using a conventional stapling system, a maximum of 10 mm is possible.

The advantages

Optimum production

The Perfect Binder combines and optimises all the steps involved in document production: booklets, manuals, catalogues, theses, reports, pamphlets, books, etc. Used in combination with the ComColor GD9630, it allows you to print up to 62 booklets per hour*.

Ease of use

An intuitive software program is included and enables you to create booklets from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. You simply format your documents from your PC. Your Perfect Binder will take care of the rest.


You can combine efficiency and savings for desktop publishing on demand or for more substantial jobs. This gives you a new level of autonomy that reduces both stock management work and waste.


You say “yes” to a wider range of applications and produce work in professional quality with a binding which considerably boosts the value of your documents.

*Booklets of 100 A4 pages, duplex

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