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RISO’s technology


RISO’s inkjet technology

Leading the way in inkjet technology used for page-by-page production printers, RISO is streets ahead in the high-productivity digital printing market. Discover the strengths of the ComColor and VALEZUS hardware designed on the basis of the unique FORCEJET™ printing process.

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Advantages and benefits to the customer

  • Unparalleled productivity
  • Optimum availability
  • Flexibility and responsiveness for increased autonomy
  • Up to 5 colours for optimized reproduction
  • Committed to the environment

Duplicator technology

RISO’s historical printing process – the duplicator technology – is ideal for anyone who wants to print or copy series of documents in black-and-white and colour at very high speeds. The higher your volumes, the lower the cost per page!

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Advantages and benefits to the customer

  • High-speed printing
  • Optimum availability
  • Ease of operation
  • A decreasing cost per page
  • Committed to the environment

An eco-range

  • eco-functionalities
  • Reduced energy, ink and paper consumption
  • Reduced substance emissions
  • Optimised recycling
  • Attestations and certificates
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