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Because every minute is precious, RISO provides you with an inkjet production technology that is unique on the market. In the form of solutions which combine high print speeds, reliability, flexibility and ease of use so that you can rise to the challenges that face you every day.

Discover a simpler way to manage your everyday print volumes and cope with production peaks. RISO’s printers enable you to work with complete peace of mind and let you focus on your core tasks.

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Your transactional printing solutions

Do you need high-performance equipment that can print your variable data documents simply as and when the need arises?

RISO offers you a solution which can be incorporated ideally in the transactional printing flow for invoices, bank account statements, insurance policies or other variable data mailings.

RISO already supplies equipment to specialists in the field of transactional printing for external subcontracting.

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  • Speed!

    When your teams have only a few moments to print large quantities, choose RISO’s technology to print up to 160 pages per minute!

  • Reliability!

    Your activity means that your printers need to be up and running all day long. And that’s not a problem: with RISO’s printing hardware, paper jams are a thing of the past. They have an availability rate of almost 100%!

  • Savings!

    High-speed printing that is suitable for your needs and guarantees you an optimum price/productivity ratio. What is more, with our ComColor and VALEZUS systems, your electricity consumption will be considerably reduced*! *70% less for the GD9630, according to a comparison of the TEC value with the average based on the electricity consumption of four 65-ppm copiers.

  • Peace of mind

    Our easy-to-use printing hardware is extremely fast, meaning that there is no need to call on external service providers. Print all your materials completely autonomously.


Choosing a RISO inkjet printer means opting for a cold printing process that consumes less energy and does not emit any ozone or fine particles for your users to inhale.

Renowned for its environmental benefits which are unique on the market, our FORCEJET™ technology was chosen by the organisers of COP21 and COP22…

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