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The RISO spirit

An enriching occupation

Are you looking for an occupation with a meaning?

The diversity of our customers and the important roles they play in society make our occupations enriching and meaningful (world of education, associations and the social economy, local government, trade unions, etc.). We accompany them and provide them with concrete solutions to support them in their tasks.

Because their satisfaction is our priority, we must permanently adapt and work with passion, rigour and enthusiasm.

A dynamic company

Do you want to discover the potential of RISO France?

The largest subsidiary of the Japanese RISO KAGAKU Group, RISO FRANCE is a strong, dynamic company which has enjoyed sustained growth ever since it was founded. It combines the security of an international group with the flexibility and responsiveness of an SME.

As an enterprise on a human scale, RISO FRANCE places special importance on giving meaning to every role within the company and reinforcing its employees’ feeling of belonging. This can be seen, in particular, in its profit-sharing policy which ensures a fair distribution of profits among all the employees.

Joining RISO FRANCE is to become part of a young, dynamic company with a male/female employee ratio of 74/100 and an average age of 36 years.

Freedom of action

Do you consider your success to be a personal challenge?

RISO FRANCE offers you real independence. To contribute better to your success, our managers have chosen to be accessible and close to you at all times. They are available every day, work together with you and support you, while also leaving you the freedom to go further, to expand your capabilities, to develop your skills and realise your potential.

Made-to-measure training

Do you want to continuously build on your progress?

RISO FRANCE is committed to the regular training of its employees so that they can adapt and develop their skills. We work in close collaboration with well-known training organisations in order to implement training events and programmes that are appropriate for each job type and correspond to the RISO FRANCE corporate culture.


Are you motivated by the prospect of new challenges?

Internal mobility is part of our corporate culture. Once employees have become successfully integrated within RISO FRANCE, it is possible to develop towards management level, take on a support function or enter new market areas.

The energy and motivation you bring are rewarded and your ambitions have ample scope for expression. At present, 85% of our managers are internal promotions!

I feel happy at Riso. It’s a daring, innovative company which has very much kept a family spirit.