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RISO rises in the Middle-East

29 November 2019

RISO rises in the Middle-East

A strategic regional agreement between GCG-DDS and RISO FRANCE takes GCG’s printing capabilities beyond the laser’s edge.

While the world’s increasing environmental awareness is driving the future of our society, the printing industry actively seeks a way to provide the most efficient and eco-friendly printing solutions to the many sectors that still rely on the fast access that paper printing allows.

With a passion for innovating the printing equipment industry, RISO, the Japanese leader in the cut-sheet, high-volume printer industry, accomplishes its goal to enhance print quality, speed, affordability and sustainability through innovative solutions. The most significant being the world’s fastest colour inkjet printer at 160 prints per minute. While the new speed of its inkjet printing technology is indeed impressive—outclassing laser printing, which for many years has been the gold standard of printing— what makes this printer significant is its ecological attributes. As a matter of fact, a cold printing process is the right choice for zero ozone emissions, lower power consumption, reduced CO2 emissions, and ultimately a business’s bottom line.

For 73 years, RISO has been innovating for its customers. With the rapidly evolving climate concerns and the challenges that energy industries are facing, the partnership between GCG and RISO FRANCE will actively contribute to the shift towards more efficient ways of printing documents and sharing knowledge and information in the Middle East area.” says Kawatsu Toshihiko, General Manager of the International Sales Division of RISO KAGAKU Corporation.

In line with its circular-economy drive for sustainability, GCG-Digital Document Solutions (DDS) of Dubai was thrilled to sign an exclusive distribution partnership agreement with Lyon-headquartered RISO FRANCE, not only offering the Japanese tech giant access to the Gulf Region, but the use of a grand showroom situated in a high-traffic area, which will be opened to the public to showcase their stunning range of printing solutions. 

Over the past years, our partnership with GCG has grown continuously stronger, it happened naturally that we today entrust them with a regional responsibility. The technical and sales team are of the highest caliber and have perfectly understood the added value that our unique technology can bring to this market.” says Fabrice Sposito, Managing Director of RISO FRANCE.

The agreement was signed on the 28th of November, 2019  at the new RISO showroom in GCG’s Headquarter Building in the presence of Mr. Naser Darwazeh, General Manager of GCG-DDS, Mr. Saeed Ghobash, Ghobash Group Chairman, Mr. Niels Bormans, Aban Investment CEO, Mr. Fabrice Sposito, Managing Director of RISO FRANCE, and Mr. James Hedhli, Middle East Sales Director of RISO FRANCE. Due to the significance of the company’s introduction to the region, leaders from RISO’s Japan headquarters Mr. Kawatsu, General Manager of the International Sales Division, Mr. Takushima, General Manager of the European Sales Department, and Mr. Shimomoto were also present to witness the momentous occasion.

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