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Air quality, a public health issue!

20 October 2020

Air quality, a public health issue!

Why care about air quality?

It is estimated worldwide, air pollution is responsible for over 6 million1 premature deaths each year. And that’s not all: according to the OECD Environment Working Papers, in 2015 the cost associated with this pollution reached around 5 trillion USD2.

Isn’t that quite frightening?


International awareness: a healthy planet for healthy people

It can’t be hidden; air is a public matter!

In order to make citizens aware of the importance of breathing good quality air, but also to promote good practices to improve air quality, multiple events were created and organized these last few years. The World Health Organization had its first WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health in 20183. The UN followed up quickly by implementing the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies in September 20194.

Educate, mobilize and reinforce engagements and achievements in order to reduce air pollution by 2030, that’s the objective behind all this.

Every year, more projects are labelled and organized throughout the world by communities, businesses, associations, schools and even citizens – documentary screenings in India, webinars in West Asia, the National Air Quality Day in France, an air environment smart management program in Dubai5

You would like to know how polluted is the air in your area? Find out! 

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